Monday, December 03, 2007

#2171-Elector Johann Friedrich in Saxony to Luther, Jonas,Buegenhagen, Melanchton and Cruciger

To begin with our greetings. Reverend and Celebreated,dear devout ones and faithful ones! Since it is no secret to you that recently the King of England has with us his Orator, Doctor Antonius Barnes and made several solicitations; because same Doctor among several others has learned that the above mentioned King is sending a state embassy who will meet with you as our theologians to discuss, talk and have a colloquy over several articles and the mentioned King has sought us to commend you to hear upon their arrival their presentation and to speak and confer with you. Since we are inclined to assent to the King in this and have and consented to with the above mentioned orator it is our gracious wish that you would, when the embassy arrives in Wittenberg hear their concern or, if it is likely that because of the deaths in Wittenberg are prevalent or if it is difficult to undertake in such place that you would, at our expense, go to Torgau to meet with them and listen to them with good-will and you with discretion let it be known to us what should be provided to you graciously as fitting and fair.What you discuss and perceive from the embassy you would helpfully provide to us before the embassy arrives here so that we may provide the embassy with an answer to their presentation. This we did not want to keep from you and it is our pleasure and we are graciously inclined toward you. Date.
Zettel: Because we consider that there will be no final resolution between you and the embassy regarding the concerned Articles and that you also would not make any assent to any agreement nor consent to it until in the future we make our report, God willing, and we make a written report of our thoughts and this also did not want to keep from you.

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