Wednesday, October 24, 2007

#2146-Melanchton to Luther,Jonas and Roerer

To the renown and worthy men,D. Martin Luther,D.Justus Jonas and Magister Georg,Deacon of the Church in Wittenberg, his friends.

There are weighty reasons for me not being ready to say that it was not an error that we were driven away from there. Now under the present circumstances I am experiencing more unacceptables than I thought would occur. The house of the cloister is not fitting for the school as it was previously.Many wander about without housing,without appliances, without books, staying in the tavern. I have all the evidence on the dwellings; with great pain I have seen the children of prominent people lying on the ground. In addition this brings about great expenses which the those of meagre means find unbearable and there are few professors here. This lack diminishes the reputation and as you know a very large group is required. Therefore when you think it right for the school to return we will hasten back. I at least would rather live in the midst of the Pestilenz than battle with the present difficulties nevertheless I will behave properly for the time. Christ rule us and support you to the glory of His Name. Today, as God wills, I will begin the lectures taking understanding taken for the vexation which this disturbance brings. I await accurate letters from you about the raging of the Pest and not the chatter which fearful and foolish people write. Be it well with you. Thursday after the feast of St.James (20 July) Philippus.

NOTE: Classes from Wittenberg were moved to Jena because of the plague in the former.

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