Thursday, October 18, 2007

#2140-Stephan Roth to Luther

To the honorable Lord and Father in Christ, Her Martin Luther, the divine-celebrated Doctor and Professor in Wittenberg, his especially revered Lord.

Salvation in the LOrd. Learned Herr Doctor, in Christ most beloved Father! Regarding my last letter the messenger has brought me the answer that your worthiness would answer me either writtenly or orally through Herr Wolfgang Zeuner. However, the same has traveled on and has neither writtenly or orally put something forward. Since this is now a dangerous time and by us the plague is beginning to rage I plead and implore you through Christ answer through this messenger what I am awaiting namely whether you are again reconciled to me or not or at least write to our pastor to whom according to the content of your letter (to him previously) wherein you regard me as still under the ban and that you proceed severly with nothing beyond. If you do not or again want to reconciled, which I earnestly plead and pray for, I will place the matter before the LOrd and take comfort the passages of the Holy Scriptures. However, I do not believe that your Worthiness has such a stony heart which has no sympathy for a repentant sinner. Live well with all who are with you especially your wife and dear children. Given on July 5th in the year of the LOrd 1535. Stephanus Rodt, Council-secretary in Zwickau.
NOTE: Zwickau and Luther have a long history of disputes. What this one is about I do not know but will try to find out.

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