Wednesday, October 03, 2007

#21334-To Joachim, Prince of Anhalt

To the highly-renown and very good Prince and Lord, Herr Joachim, Prince of Anhalt,Graf of Ansconien, Lord in Anhalt, his most gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ! Although there is nothing, renown and very good Prince, that I might write since M. Franciscus is traveling to EFG and giving an oral report yet I did not want that to be without by my own hand extending my good intentions toward EFG and assuring him of my poor Our - Father (so much as I am able). From my heart I wish that it goes well with EFG with all his flesh, that is, with his very good princely brothers. I would rather be a companion with M. Franciscus but our wisdom is so great that the same forces me to stay behind as one imprisoned however, Christ grant some sort of foolishness that will free me from this wisdom, Amen. May EFG have it right well in Christ. Friday of Barnabas (11 June)1535. EFG's devoted Martin Luther.

NOTES: M. Fransciscus is Franz Burkard of Weimar. Lord's Prayers were often offered in behalf of others and still are, I guess, in some Catholic parishes.

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