Monday, August 27, 2007

#2128-To Spalatin

To the,in Christ, highly-honorable man, Herr Georg Spalatin, the servant of Christ,his Superior and very dear brother.
Grace and peace in Christ! You have recommended to me this man who comes from Wuerzburg, good Spalatin; I will do what I can. On other the hand I am sending back to you this matter which is enclosed in this letter as you are the Visitor at that place. Thus, if you find that the young girl was deceived by the marriage contract then it appears to me that the first emgagement is null. You can better judge this according to your wisdom after both parties come forward and are heard; or if this is a burden for you, you can refer it to the Court (Saxon Prince's). This matter pertains to your District so we will not put the sickle in another's harvest. Be it well with you in Christ with your Berries,Grapes, and Vine, and pray for me. 1535,the Thursday Jubilate (22 April). Your Martin Luther,D.

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