Monday, July 02, 2007

Lang's Lexicon

Luther to Johann Lang, May 29, 1522: Lexicon Hebraicon remitto, sed illud primum, quod olim Erfordiae emeram ab initio; nam tuum propter crebras annotationes pro mea teneo memoria, quamquam et istud alquot habeat, quibus aegre careo, et tu illis non omnibus crede, aliquando enim divinavi. (that is, I am sending a Hebrew lexicon: it is the first, which I obtained while in Erfurt from the beginning; for I remember yours [Lang's "rudimentis hebraicis" ?] because of the numerous notations, although this also has some, for which I have no regret, and do not trust all of them...)WA Br 2 pp. 547f

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