Friday, June 29, 2007

#2102-Elector Joh.Friedrich to Luther.

To begin with, our greetings. Venerable, dear devout one! As you recently have a writing from us our dear cousin, Duke Georg's son, Duke Johann has given us an answer
thus we do not want to conceal from you our gracious opinion although our Herr uncle
and brother, the Bishop of Mainz and the mentioned,
our cousin, Duke Georg have their Counselors and Messengers with us they have not pointed out anything yet of which our cousin,Duke Johann has written except for Carlwitz who is now the personal counselor of our cousin Duke Georg has himself the matter pointed out although our cousin might not be cognizant of the same
yet S.L. (His Love=Duke Georg) speaks in the same vein. However, the mentioned Carlwitz requests that we regard it graciously. Because we have not yet learned that in your sermon on All Saints Day you actually named our cousin as the young Markgraf (Markgraf Joachim the Younger of Brandenburg) reported yet it is our gracious desire that if it does not burden your conscience that you would not name our cousin and spare him as much as possible so that we with S.L. may have an external peace and His Love may not have concern about the Grimma Agreement.
What pertains to your conscience and personal salvation regarding your opposition to the theologians of S.L. you might not yield and we impose no restriction and we want it understood that we graciously understand and that we are inclined toward you with all grace. Dated at Weimar on the Wednesday after the Holy Christ-day 1535 (30 December 1534).
NOTE: The New Year begins on Christmas for the Saxons.
If you want to read complicated sentences, check with the Saxon Court. Perhaps S.L. would be translated "dear one" for "Sein Lieb".

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