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#2100-To Elector Johann Friedrich of Saxony

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Herr Johann Friedrich, Duke in Saxony and Elector,Landgraf in Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ etc. Ilusstrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord!
I have received the writing of ECFG together with the writing of H. Hans of Saxony and obediently read and thereupon, in the enclosed list of particulars (Zettel), delivered my answer. I thank herewith ECFG's gracious undertaking on My Parteke etc. I also hope that Jesus Christ will grant that ECFG be not too much taken with the promises toward H. Georg (Duke Georg of Ducal Saxony) as he is, as H. Friedrich (the former Elector) used to say: my cousin is a gross man for whom no answer is sufficent and for such heads the first anger is the best; it has not yet ceased. Herewith be commended to God,Amen. Midweek after Thomas (23 December)1534)Ecfg's obedient Martinus Luther,D.


Illustrious, high-born Prince,most gracious Lord! First of all according to God's grace and peace (I offer) my poor prayer and dutiful service obediently. I have ECFG's writing with the enclosed copy of a writing of Duke Hans of Saxony etc. and very well perceived how the high-named Prince complains against me to ECFG as I should have F.G.'s (Duke Hans) father, H.Georg, and the Bishop of Mainz spoken against with the words related in the copy at length. Therefore ECFG desires of me a report regarding all of this and the reasons I did this.

Where should I go,most gracious Lord? I would prefer that the high-named Prince would have spoken himself to me an inferior rather than addressing and writing to the Elector. I do not see ECFG as being well-served in this matter; I also have not a little to complain about in that such a high Prince should go against me a poor man to my Land's Prince, to whome I am sworn and serve, with such flighty speech without seal and letters and in addition without witnesses complaining in such a gross and inept way. However, it is likely that H.Georg and his have five corners on the Sack.

Thus it is my humble petition that ECFG would graciously spare me and request no report in such a case not only for my sake but on account of H.Georg; for I might coarsely answer the gross inept writing of H.Hans grossly answer. Should I do it I would want to do it thorougly and eloquently and give a proper answer to such writing. ECFG knows what rough and impure articles we all had to digest that went out under the name and banner of H.Georg. I have forgiven that but haven't forgotten and truly wish that H.Georg would not irritate the old wounds.

I hold that ECFG could do nothing better than issue a command that one should preach in the lands of H.Georg, cry and print in Leipzig consolation books to the disgrace of the Elector of Saxony but not stir up things in the electoral lands; thereby ECFG would well please not only the enemies but likely officials and nobeles who live well under him.

However, most gracious Lord and Prince, summing up, I cannot suffer that H.Hans,H.Georg,Bishop of Mainz be Doctors who should teach me how I should speak; since I know that they are not able to do so. However, if they are so skillful and well-learned, I am sitting here in Wittenberg and await their artistry tho ECFG can be severe and hard against me. I cannot suffer my right to respond. This is as much of an obedient report that I can give ECFG at this time. To the Bishop in Halle I will give a public writing ( so long as God permits me to live) and also a proper report since I already merit no absolution. Christ will not be so easily terrified as the holy Creature of St. Leo the Great might think..ECFG's obedient Mart. LutheR,D.
NOTES: H. =Herzog or Duke. When Attila was about to sack Rome Pope Leo confronted him and above Leo's head appeared in a cloud the vision of St. Peter. Attila turned back from Rome at the sight, so he said.
As to the five corners of the sack, check Luther Index for the meaning of a five conered sack rather than a four cornered on.

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