Tuesday, May 15, 2007

#2090-To Elector Johann Friedrich of Saxony

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Johann Friedrich, of the H.Empire Arch-Marschall and Elector, Duke in Saxony,Landgraf in Thuringia,Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ and my poor prayers etc. Illustrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord! I have previously written also to ECFG on behalf of Martin Sanger
of Schneeberg; now once again for sake of good people on his account who have told me that ECFG had given a gracious answer to the pastor of Schneeberg that his life and property should be secure and that being the case I should further make a humble appeal to ECFG on other matters and conflicts etc. that since ECFG has guaranteed graciously to make safe his body and property that ECFG would have look graciously upon the misery of wife and eight small children and again provide grace so that he would not be in confusion wander and become a beggar away from his wife and children.The matter is, to be sure, difficult and his wife and little ones are very much harmed as ECFG may well understand. That he has gone so far in the pardon that he should not be banned from the Princedom with the exception of Schneeberg yet I do not know what his guilt and mistake was except that I hear that the taxer, Paulus Schmidt wants to deal with him very badly: so I appeal again humbly that ECFG would graciously consider his wife and young ones' necessity which increases and makes it necessary for his upbringing and care so they are not neglected and corrupted etc., and that he may again be with his own if it is not too burdensome or contrary to the will of ECFG. The misery and need of the wife and children effect me heartily in this matter and also realize how it is when must be away from and providing for them and swaying about in confusion and to see his own consumed thus I have not been able to refuse their request to appeal to ECFG. ECFG will out of princely and Christian feeling, if God wills, provide gracously. Christ our LOrd strengthen and direct the mind and heart of ECFG graciously, Amen. On the Monday after Nicholas (7 December) 1534. ECFG's submissive Martinus Luther,D.

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