Sunday, April 01, 2007

#2076-To his wife (Hausfrau)

(Editor say this a confidential letter of ML who is probably at the court in Dessau)

My friendly,dear Lord,Frau Catherin von Bora, D.Lutherin in Wittenberg.
G.u.(grace and) peace in Christ. Dear Lord Kaethe! I know of nothing to write to you since and Philipp and others are coming home. I must stay longer for the sake of the pious Prince. You might think how long I will be here or how you might release me. I think that M.Franciscus might relieve me as I have relieved him though it might not be so soon. Yesterday I had a bad draught: so I must sing: As I drink not well I am sorry and rightly so; and think what good wine and beer I have at home and, in addition, a fine wife or (should I say) Lord. And you would do well if you could send over here the cellar full of wine and a flask ((Pfloschen) of your beer as soon as you can. Perhaps I do not come again before the new beer. Herewith be commended to God together with our young ones and all relations, Amen. Wednesday after James (29 July). Your loving Mart. LutheR,D.

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