Thursday, March 15, 2007

#2069-T0 the City-Council of Regensburg

Grace and peace in Christ. Honorable, perceptive, dear Lords! It might be though strange that I should undertake writing to E.F. (Your Honors?)However, so many good people have pleaded earnestly that I could not let it go and thought it would be helpful and favorable for me to do.
E.F. see and experience daily (as we also, unfortunately)how the evil foe everywhere arouse sects, Anabaptists, or (as Christ says) false prophets and false doctrine and leads many a country and people in tribulation and need (may God protect from city from that). I can and also will not plead that E.F. should accept our doctrine and way. However, I do plead that E.F. would take a serious look so that sectarian-spirits do not take root in your city. It requires sincere concern, very sincere once again because the devil is angry poisonous without measure so that no precaution is too much. He has in two or three years afflicted cities with divisive-spirits whom I am sure also are prsent in your city. E.F. earnest desire to obtain a preacher so that the Gospel or the Holy Scripture is taught in quietness and peace is not a mistake and God grant grace thereto. Our Confession at Augsburg is good for that and so pure that our enemies had to praise it and the imperial majesty left it uncondemned at the Council which is sign that it is right. However, I am writing to you that E.F. can promote the Gospel, our teaching and confession, amongst you well without mentioning the Lutheran name but rather from the text of Scripture proclaimed to the people so that they learn that it is the doctrine of Christ Himself and his apostles and exalted under the same Name (without any names of men) as it can also be found in the Gospel and Epistles of St. Paul. However, I cannot do more than pray that the Father of all grace and mercy would give you the Spirit of His grace earnestly to consider the Word of His truth and help you also thereto. I am moved to such prayer by such a dangerous time ( as said above) and the great wrath of the devil regarding which we have been all too secure and several already have slumbered. God help them to correct this, Amen. Herewith, be commended to God that He will grant you a blessed and peaceful regime and preserve it, Amen. On the Tuesday after Peter and Paul (30 June) 1534. E.F.'s willing Martinus Luther,D.
NOTE: June 30 is also the anniversary of the presentation of the Evangelical Confession presented in nearby Augusburg before the Emperor in 1530.

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