Saturday, February 03, 2007

#2047-To Spalatin

To the , in Christ, highly-honorable man, Master Georg Spalatin,Archbishop throughout Meissen and the Voigtland, the very faithful servant of the Word.

Grace and peace in Christ! This man of Roden, a servant of the Prince of Anhalt,a good man, my dear Spalatin,has requested that I might commend him to you. He is concerned about a certain acre near Meida of which one has said that the Visitors have included with the properties of the nuns' cloister. However, the father of the man has brought this very same acre under cultivation (exoluisse=cleared it?);for this reason he desires that another should not have it who has not worked it but that much more it should be included as his (the father's?) or otherwise due to him.The matter you will hear from him himself but if you are able to do something do it on account of my request. Thus the Prince of Anhalt might be happy to agree as he has done much greater things in that now with a strong spirit before the Bishop of Halle and other great Princes ,who battled in vain against him ,he has accepted the Gospel and confessed it without dread. Do now what I have promised about you. Greet your Kette (catenam) with her grapes.1534 on the Saturday before Palmarum (28 March). Your Martin Luther,D.

NOTE: Both ML and Spalatin married Catherines. ML plays upon calling them Kette which means chain. At least he doesn't say "ball and chain".
Grapes are the children probably referring to the fruitful vine of the Psalm or was that olive plants?
On Weida see below. Looks like the fields need some clearing.

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