Monday, January 29, 2007

To the Council in Leisnig in Collaboration with Jonas

To the honorable and wise mayor and council in Leisnig, our especially good friends.
At the outset our friendly desire to serve. Honorable and wise, especially good friends! Your writing concerning M.W., your herr-pastor, we have received and with much distress in hearing of such wrong doing: for this reason we have written to him sharply and severely with confidence that he will acknowldedge and take our admonition to heart henceforth rightly doing the proper thing in this matter. If not,upon further complaint,it will likely be received by our gracious Herr, the Elector. We plead with you to be an acceptable mediator so that between your Herr-pastor and M.Antonio there will be a harmonious and friendly attitude preserved and that you do not permit the above named preacher to depart. This, without doubt, would be especially favorable to our gracious Lord. Thus we would want to deserve your personal friendliness. Dated at Wittenberg on the Thursday after Judica (26 March) 1534. Justus Jonas,Probst and Martin Luther, Ecclesiastics in Wittenberg,both D.

Note: Antonio is Lauterbach.

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