Friday, December 08, 2006

#2025-To Johann Hess and Ambrosius Moiban in Breslau

To the renown men,the Herr Doctors of holy theology, Johann Hess and Ambrosius Moiban,Bishops of the church in Breslau, his brothers in Christ.

Grace and peace in Christ! How can I,worthy men, answer anything other to your letter than what I previously published in my pamphlet namely: if the engagement in this case is such that the relatives, the superiors as well as the Prince pronounce it good and nad nothing opposes it and only on account of the stubborness of the father, whom I (as I see from the reports) just recently came forward likely because someone or another dissuaded about this marriage and consequently the same is to be disregarded and up to the maiden to decide. In such case one posits that the father is not acting as father, who otherwise would be recognized, but as a tyrant neglecting the daughter or rather hindering her happiness although he puts foremost the riches of the other prospective groom. Thus in marriage love,not wealth,(if everthing else is honorable),must be given the preference, just as the parents of Samson for the sake of the glory of the people consented to the love of their son. "One cannot force her to marriage, one should allow for her love, yet there may be counsel given" that because of the constant living with each other vexation may arise which the daughter may appeal to the fact that she was forced. This remains our
opinion. Anno 1533. Your Martin Luther,D.
NOTES: ML's little book: "Von Ehesachen" (on marriage) is in Vol.X of the St. Louis Edition,p.754.
Some pastors know of tyrannical fathers and mothers?

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