Monday, December 04, 2006

@021-To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

To the highly venerable man in Christ, Herr Nicolaus Hausmann, Magister,in Dessau, the very faithful servant of Christ.
Grace and peace in the LOrd! I believe that you have heard everything, my dear Hausmann, God has wonderfully done for us, namely, the peace between the Princes, peace with the Erfurters and all of this toward the favor and praiseworthiness of the good name of our Prince; thanks be to God,Amen. I hope that now there is a snow-capped mountain glistening and shining in your heart after so many clouds and fogs.

Besides I have attached the untameable rage and cries with a new sort of booklet,"On the Winkelmasses", as you wanted. You may if your little king (reguli=the Prince of Anhalt)is surprised say to him: Luther put to the test the wisdom and power of the Papists; if they can give justification of their doctrine, they will win; if they cannot what will they do when in death throes this and beyond this also yet feel the arguments of the devil? Then one must thoroughly strive for the conscience to be certain and secure in all things. Since if one doubt remains everything else cannot be made secure. For this reason the Word of God can be confidently be distinguished from the words of men. The Day of the LOrd will make manifest what is wood,hay, straw and equally what is gold, silver and precious stones [ 1 Cor.3:12ff.]The certainty of the truth is sought in this article; if the Papists can provide this, I will praise them; if they cannot provide the same, it will reveal completely the anti-Christ in all his horror. To sum up, if someone should assail you about this my book or with what I have elsewhere written against the Papists, you should briefly say: Luther acknowledges the battle which he recently had with the devil and pleads (as the words plainly state) with the Papists about absolution. Who can give the same is blessed: he ceases to be outraged or allege something dissonant, but gives an answer; if something is alleged which is not pertinent that is not to contradict the demonstration of proofs. Otherwise Luther could also (as he also has concerns)cite such non-pertinent things but he realizes that that is not sufficient. For this reason he confesses to and desires the wisdom of the Papists, those insolent judges of God and of men. Be it right well with you in Christ and pray for me. My lordess mistress) greets you. Midweek after Lucis [17 Dec.) 1533. Your Martin Luther,D.
NOTES: The strife between the Elector of Saxony and Duke Georg of ducal Saxony over ML's writings was settled in Grimma on Nov.18.
ML is teasing the Papists.

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