Wednesday, November 29, 2006


2020.doc#2020-To Johann Schlaginhaufen in Koethen
Venerab, in Christo Viro,D.Jo.Schlaginhaufen,Pastor Cothensi,fideli Verbi ministro,suo fratri.
(Venerable, in Christ, man, D.Jo.Schlaginhaufen,Pastor in Koethen,faithful minister of the Word, his friend.)

Grace and peace in Christ. My dear Herr Parish-head! I thank you for your present,the Mespeln, and , although this land yields such figs, and I prefer them to any of the Italian (foreign?) figs if they were a little less mature and yet they must be ripe. Unhappily, though, I hear that you at times are troubled even though Christ is very near to you than even you yourself and you do not want to eat because He has shed His blood for you. Dear one, give the pious, faithful Man the glory and believe that He loves you more and favors you more than D. Luther and all Christians. What you ascribe to us, ascribe much more to Him. What we do is what is called for by Him, but He, what He is called to do by us, He does out of natural goodness and without being called to do it. Herewith, in haste, be commended to God together with yours, Amen. 1533 on the Vigil of Lucia (Dec.12). Martinus Luther

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