Wednesday, November 15, 2006

#2013-To Frau Dorothea Joerger

Grace and peace in Christ. Noble, virtuous woman! I submit for your knowledge that on your account the 500 Gulden in coarse coins have arrived through Wolfgang Seledener at Leipzig and from there procured here at Wittenberg through George Kirmeyer and according to your request and desire will be distributed without forgetting Mr. Andreas (Huegel); already I have, with the advice of lords and friends, ordered one hundred distributed. The same good lords and friends have well proposed that the other four hundred should gather interest and with that two stipends set up that might help two students every three years; however, I have replied that it is your will, made plain by letter, that they should be handed out. They have requested that I should once more write to you whether your will is fixed that such money be immediately put in the hands of students to share who are studying the Holy Scriptures or better, as they see it, whether it should be set up as a perpetual help to provide for two students. I have written to you before about your determination and yet once more request that your write what your will is; then I will faithfully execute it. Meanwhile the four hundred should lie idle until I secure your answer so that I do not disrespect the request of the good lords. Herewith, may God protect you with all of yours and your faithful work be pleasing to Him to His praise and glory,Amen. Sir Michel (Stiefel) is being slightly tempted but it should not harm him but rather, praise God, be benficial to him. On 24 October 1533.D. Martinus Luther.
I, Martinus Luther, D. and Preacher in Wittenberg, with this my handwriting, acknowledge that here in my residence in Wittenberg 500 fl. has been turned over to me for the sake of Frau Dorothea Joerger, widow, in coarse good coin to be shared with poor students of the Holy Scripture according to her written request. Such money was entrusted to me by Georg Fonwibler, citizen in Leipzig, Andreas Kirmeyer, servant of Nuernberg. This is happening on 24 October 1533. Attested by my usual seal affixed below.
NOTE: How would you like to have a letter with a Luther seal?
Stiefel is going to have no little harm due his prediction of the Last Day which is soon to turn out be a miscalculation. Widow Joerger helped Michael with shelter, I believe, when he was surrounded by hostile Papists in Bavaria. But check that one out.

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