Tuesday, October 10, 2006

#2000-To Elector Johann Friedrich

To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord,Herr Johann Friedrich,Duke in Saxony and Elector etc.,Landgraf in Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.

G.a.peace. Most illustrious,high-born Prince,most gracious Lord! I submit for the knowledge of E.C.F.G that the two good people of Dorne whom I appealed to E.C.F.G. for in Wittenberg and also whom E.C.F.G. had written back that the Sequestators should permit them to have a little employment in Zwickau;although they were encouraged nothing has yet come of it.What continues to hinder it I do not know and the poor are yet severely burdened with the winter coming on and and they do not yet know where nor yet where under (they will be ?) . E.C.F.G. will yet give these expelled, poor people earnest help and the consolation of which they have up to now lost. E.C.F.G. will well know how to graciously take up their misery and hope. Herewith be to God commended,Amen.Mid-week after St. Bartholomew (27 Aug.)1533. E.C.F.G.'s subservient Martinus Luther,D.

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