Wednesday, October 04, 2006

#1994a-To Hans Honold in Augsburg

To the honorable , perceptive Herr Hans Honold in Augsburg, my favored Herr and good friend.

Grace and peace in Christ. Honorable, perceptive, dear Herr and friend! I thank you profusely for your faithful concern you have for my head and sent medicine and in addition shared the prescription. It is very true that I had not thought to overcome the manifold illnesses and life had already vanished; so very severe was the dizziness that not only because of the natural powerlessness but also the devil and his arrows brought guilt
and was about to take me away. However, God's power, beyond my thinking, became strong
and according to His wisdom made life out of death and quickened me through your prayers and those of all the brothers.Our doctors think that if the flowage in the left left leg could be kept open (what they are working on)as previously then the head would
be given a solution. That I believe but something also has to be done about the arrows of the original murderer. That's enough of this.
Caspar Huber has written to me for advice whether one might(since the desire so long postponed is great) give and receive the Sacrament in the homes because it cannot be done publicly and that it be administered by those who teach there or those who previously had the office. Truly my only concern here is because the Zwinglians virtually rule among you and the Papists are lurking there may something undesirable result from this which now is not foreseen and because necessity does not require beginning this nor is establishing such special communion required. Your conscience might be tempted and troubled by such an undertaking ; strong and hearty Christians are needed for such an endeavor. I think that there might be a little village or city nearby who offer our Sacrament and you might get it there; if not and you want to venture this it is my advice
that you indicate to the Council and their preachers that you intend to give and receive it in the homes. Then you know what they will permit and what you might do. That would be better than to begin without announcing it before hand and you have to wait to see whether or not they will tolerate it. Then if you are able to do it with their permission you will be more confident and free in doing it; if they will not tolerate it then you already have confessed your faith and have their disfavor on your necks and however great the battle is even before you do it it is better to do it openly and publicly than to have done it without previous announcement and without their knowledge and undertaken contrary to their will. This will make you more confident if you make public and confess your desire. In doing this the matter might be solved and God will work something different. For this we earnestly pray. Herewith be commended to God,Amen. On the day Saint Praxedis (21 July) 1533. D. Martin Luther.
NOTE: Sounds like ML thinks it is better to ask for permission than to ask forgiveness afterward.

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