Wednesday, September 27, 2006

#1992-To Christoph Ruehel

To the gifted youth Christoph Ruehel, in Christ his very dear son.
Our, in Christ, common relative Ambrosius Reuter has delivered to me your lovely letter and I am so happy that mine was so acceptable and agreeable as I have also learned that my admonition seemed useful and wholesome. That is above all things what I have wished and also yet now pray to the LOrd that the course of your studies will be happily directed. More I cannot write now as the messenger hastens to be on the way and I myself am very busy with writings. I pray that you will take it in the best way; more at another time. Your father, the worthy man, I want you to tell that I will make an effort that his wish will be satisfactorily carried out and to be sure, very soon. When the book is completed today I will be freeer. Greet your very able mother together with your brother and all your colleagues. Christ be with you, Amen. On the Monday after Margaret
(14 July) 1533, Your Martin Luther,D.
NOTE: The book almost ready is thought to have been:The Accounting for the Rebellion of Duke Georg (of ducal Saxony). "Veranwortung der aufgelegten Aufruhr von Herzog Georgen."

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