Wednesday, June 14, 2006

#1918-To One Unnamed

Grace and peace in Christ. Honorable,wise,dear good friend! Christoffel Strobel has indicated to me how God has blessed you with His spiritual blessing and graciously called you to the knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ and requested me in this writing to you to admonish and strengthen you to abide in this grace of Christ which has begun in you.
Because I have been persuaded that my writing would please you I am gladly doing this and pray that God the Father of all gifts and strength would fortify and strengthen you
graciously in the which has begun in you through His H.Spirit that Satan by no poison
nor force would not make you weak and weary so as to forsake God's Word and Kingdom.
You yourself see that the present time is now a dangerous time. Many are misled by sectarian spirits ;many have fallen away and have become tired of God's grace and cold so that they are deceived by Satan's poison and blinded being cold, knowing everything and have no need and have become lazy and unthankful and thereby more angry than before.
Therefore it very necessary for us to be watchful and be earnest that we abide in the fervor of faith and daily increase in it. To this end may the one and only Helper our
dear LOrd Jesus Christ,Amen. I commend to your love Er Christoffel Strobel as he can be helped by you. That will be done to Christ Himself, Matt. 25. In Wittenberg on the Monday after the Assumption of Maria (19 August) Anno 1532, D. Martin Luther.
NOTE: Christoph Strobel was first in Musschen(between Oschatz and Grimma) in the teaching office and then came Freiberg as the court preacher of Duke Heinrich and then became the arch-deacon in Oschatz in 1539 and died there in the beginning of 1540.

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