Tuesday, May 23, 2006

#1913-To Nicholas von Amsdorf

Grace and peace! I have seen the letter from Hafritz,my dear Amsdorf, and what should I say? He breathes revenge against your Magdeburgers. I have given the man this counsel that he is, yes, the called preacher and there would be danger about the administration of the Sacrament were he to stand off for a little while and the parish be permitted to administer the Sacrament according to its own way and he be satisfied with doing the teaching. This advice which was for him personally (privato), when he was in a papal congregation, he has changed to a right and made it public law. Perhaps I have also taught that the congregations should not intermingle with one another and the people from one parish should not go to another if all else is equal. What could be more proper? However, I do agree if in one parish the Sacrament is refused it may be requested in an outside one and received there. I will write more on this fury at another time. The writing of letters alone has overwhelmed me to the extreme.
Look, there is another complaint against you and Fritzhaus that you put a certain beard-shaver under the bann. I do not want to take the side of either party. I plead
with you to answer what is the case. He has cleansed himself extraordinarily and complains that forgiveness was requested and he promised everything but grace was denied. If it is possible, overcome through your patience the evil by good so that peace may be preserved and so that in this Babylon a fire-storm does not break out from a spark. Be it well with you in Christ. I think nothing but the best of you. I have written M.Lucas that he should give up being the mediator. The grace of God be with you. On the Saturday after Magdalene (27 July) 1532. Your Martin Luther.

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